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Clean break Order where all claims are being dismissed and no movement of assets is taking place.


What the service includes:


  • The drafting of a clean break Order, where all matrimonial claims are being dismissed at this stage. This means there is no orders for sale or transfer, continuing maintenance or pension orders. 
  • Drafting of the Statement of Information form required to be lodged with the Order
  • Lodging the Order with the Court.


Please note, there is a court fee of £50 which will need to be paid in addition to the fixed fee. Rebecca will contact you to obtain payment at the time of lodging the Order.


If you require advice in relation to financial matters or require a consent order which is more complex, please arrange a free 30 minutes consultation with Rebecca via Robert Simmons Solicitors. Contact details can be obtained by clicking here.


Fees quoted are inclusive of VAT but exclusive of any disbursements such as the Court fee.

Clean Break Order

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