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The Process

Cheap Quick Divorce was launched in an effort to bring an affordable option for people seeking to Divorce without losing the quality and benefit of having legal advice during the process. Many cheap options outside of law firms offer divorce papers as a pack for clients to complete themselves or assistance from people who are not legally qualified. 

Stage 1

The Petition

At the start of your divorce our lawyer will take all of the details needed to draft your petition and advise you on the fact to be relied upon.


You will then receive a copy of the draft for consideration. Once approved this will be submitted to the Court.

Stage 2

Your Spouse's Response

After the petition has been lodged with the Court, your spouse will receive a copy of it along with a form called an 'Acknowledgement of Service'. They will need to complete and return this form to the Court within seven days.


Within this form they will be asked to confirm whether they intend to defend the divorce or whether they admit the allegations made against them in your petition.


If they fail to deal with this form we can have the petition served on them which will eliminate the need for them to complete it.

Stage 3

Decree Nisi

Once the acknowledgement of service form has been lodged with the Court we will receive a copy and will then draft up the statement in support of the petition and application for Decree Nisi. A hearing date for the Decree Nisi will be listed by the Court however we will not need to attend this and will simply receive the Decree Nisi on that date.

Stage 4

Decree Absolute

Six weeks and one day after the Decree Nisi has been pronounced, we will apply for the Decree Absolute. This is the final step in the process and once granted ends your marriage. This application is usually dealt with by the Court on the same day that it is received.

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